How to overcome stage fright?  These 6 tips can help you

How to overcome stage fright? These 6 tips can help you

“The retirement planning firm I work for has just started holding seminars where various strategies are discussed with an audience of about 50 people. My problem is stage fright. I’ve been reading your columns for years and know that you’re a litigator, researched and found several articles in the ABA Banking Journal on presentation skills – including overcoming stage fright – by one Dennis Beaver. Is that you? Any tips or books on public speaking that you can recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, ‘Gary’.

Yes it’s me

Before going to law school, I planned to become a speech-language pathology teacher in college and earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in speech-language pathology/communications. After becoming a litigator, I put those degrees to good use, teaching public speaking at our community college and, for many years, pitching skills to bankers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School of Banking each August.

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