Celebrating 20 years of helping individuals and families get their financial lives in order

Celebrating 20 years of helping individuals and families get their financial lives in order

101 Financial reaches milestone with personal finance classes

OREM, Utah., November 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This month, 101 Financial celebrates 20 years of helping people get their personal finances in order. Founded by CEO Alan Akina in 2002, the company became a leading provider of financial education offering fast cash flow management and debt reduction through personal finance courses. Over the past two decades, 101 Financial has helped thousands of people manage their money and achieve their financial goals. CEO Alan Akina says the key to success is simple: “We remain focused on our mission to help people improve their lives through better money management.” 101 Financial classes have a major advantage over other online or app-based products because each class includes a personal financial instructor who works one-on-one with each student.

When Financial 101 opened its doors and began offering personal finance training to residents of Hawaii, the unique approach quickly spread to the United States. Our award-winning programs and services are available nationwide. We’re proud to have helped thousands of people improve their finances and save billions in interest. Class 99 includes better budgeting and credit building. This course is focused on personal finance for beginners, but even seasoned individuals and families benefit from learning new tactics and using the app and online tools.

Class 99 understands how to save money fast and live better by:

  • Quick tips to save money
  • Online budgeting app and spreadsheets
  • How to start saving money every day
  • 3 to 5 sessions with a Personal Financial Instructor

The 101 Financial 101 class expands your set of tools to quickly pay off debt through a close working relationship with your certified 101 instructor.

The 101 Financial 101 class includes:

  • Continue to project and grow cash flow
  • Continue to build a more extensive positive credit history
  • Mastering Accelerated Debt Elimination with Smart Banking Techniques
  • How to save money
  • Interest and Debt Plans
  • Investments and retirement income
  • Maximize benefits
  • Management of housing costs

Financial 101 classes also include strategies for finding personal finance loans that allow free cash flow to help reduce debt.

101 Financial has expanded its financial education product line and reach to include wellness and workplace wellness courses (www.101financialworkplacewellness.com) focused on employers and HR teams. Additionally, Class 99 has been expanded to include components that allow students to apply to their universities for college credit where prior learning courses are accepted. The new personal finance college class called the 101 Financial 99 Collegiate class is now available to students across the United States. Powerful personal finance software includes budgeting, cash flow and debt reduction strategies.

With the help of 101 Financial, you can finally free yourself from the chains of debt and start building a better future for you and your family. Contact 101 Financial today for a free consultation. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate 20 years of helping people take charge of their financial future.

Start your personal finance management journey by downloading the book from Alan Akina, https://www.superdupersimplebooks.com/

The super simple money book.

About 101 Financial

Since 2002, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people across the United States learn the basics of finance, save over a billion dollars in interest, and find financial peace of mind. Founded by CEO Alan Akinawith offices at Orem, UTand Kahuku, Hawaiimore than 1,000 certified fitness instructors are located in United States ready to provide financial advice to individuals and families. 101 Financial offers a series of online personal finance courses, each aimed at advancing everyone on the path to personal financial success. 101 Financial created its Workplace Wellness Benefits program for companies to offer these personal financial courses to their employees as part of their workplace wellness programs. 101 Financial also offers a Wealth Academy which provides various learning and investment opportunities.

Visit www.101financial.com and www.101financialworkplacewellness.com for more information.

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