Liz Weston: How to take a career break

Liz Weston: How to take a career break

In 2016, Jamie Clark from Seattle was a software engineer who planned to take a year off to complete a master’s degree in computational linguistics. One year turned into three and a career change into financial planning.

These days, Clark, who uses the pronouns them/them, thinks the experience makes them better advisers, especially since their career hiatus didn’t go as originally planned.

“Part of our job as financial planners is to help people prepare,” says Clark, now a certified financial planner who recently started her own company, Ruby Pebble Financial Planning. “And I want to help people develop that flexibility.”

Career breaks are extended and generally unpaid. Such breaks can be ambitious – giving you time to travel, pursue an education, change careers or start a business. Or, they may be motivated by life events, such as caring for a child, breastfeeding a family member, or coping with illness or burnout.

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